What is Multi CDN? Why build your own CDN network for your website?

Wed Oct 05 2022
What is Multi CDN? Why build your own CDN network for your website?

To understand what a Multi CDN is, we need to look back at a time when corporate organizations used only a single CDN service provider to improve the performance of their websites.

What is a Content Delivery Network (Multi CDN) Linking Strategy?

In the past, website owners would often list a few CDN providers, then consider and choose a single party to cooperate with, with the desire to provide the best service to help optimize website performance. , reduce web load times and improve content availability. This choice depends on the scope of the CDN network, the cost of the traffic, or whether the CDN system design is user-friendly. There are many factors that influence the final decision, but no matter what, website owners choose only one provider.

However, in the past 3-4 years, it is increasingly common to use and combine multiple CDN providers. Multi CDN (Meta CDN) technology automatically optimizes efficiency and merges vendors with network infrastructure and cloud systems globally, rapidly increasing bandwidth speed while ensuring ensure the safety and reliability of the content. The benefits of Linking a CDN far outweigh the need to depend solely on a single CDN provider. There is no CDN service provider on the market that can fully meet and best suit the needs of ALL websites, so linking will help fill in gaps and prevent unexpected risks. doubt. So what are the specific benefits of a Content Delivery Network Affiliate strategy?

Content coverage by geographic location

This is one of the biggest concerns of website owners, especially when their users come from many parts of the world or are concentrated in a few geographical areas.

Where CDN service provider A has good coverage and works well in North America and Europe, but has difficulty in Asia, and provider B is the opposite, they there is a large system of many servers (PoPs) linked and located in an area where A is inefficient, think of the simplest and safest, then the website owner will cooperate to link all 2 providers A and B to ensure worldwide distribution, allowing their users to access the website as quickly as possible.

Or another case, the main customers of the website come from certain isolated areas, for example, mainly from the three countries of Mexico, Brazil and Thailand, then businesses need to consider and choose to use them. Use multiple CDN providers to ensure that your website traffic requirements are met.

Difference in feature specialization

Most CDN service providers build and provide common features such as filtering traffic containing malicious data, using their own SSL connection to ensure that data is transferred between host and client. privately maintained, trusted, or established routing rules, but there are Content Delivery Networks that have other specialized features such as live video streaming, live streaming or allowing users to select and view video on demand (VoD) content. Some CDN providers focus on static content optimization and data security, not providing or weak in streaming services. If your website has both static and live content, it makes sense to combine multiple CDN service providers for different purposes in the same website.

Service costs

Service costs
Topology Multi CDN . Content Delivery Network

Now, the CDN service is no longer considered an optional option for the website. The question has shifted from: should I use a CDN for my website? The question becomes: which CDN providers should be used, as CDNs are becoming essential for all business websites.

There are website owners who are very price-conscious and although CDN prices are getting cheaper and cheaper as the market becomes more competitive, there is still a big difference when we compare the top CDN providers with small and medium CDN providers, this is clearly reflected in the price list of CDN services between regions.

For example, Supplier A may have super good prices in North America and Europe but charge more in Asia, when compared to supplier B. Meanwhile, supplier C offers prices in the lowest South American region and with many attractive CD service packages. If your business has users in all of these regions, then choosing to partner with all three providers is optimal and most effective.

The cost for today's CDN service is flexibly and varied by providers, depending on geographical location, traffic volume, and peak hours of user access. Referrals and promotions for CDN services are more innovative and accessible than ever before.

CDN PoP Performance

Each PoP includes caching servers, responsible for delivering content to the nearest users. CDN service providers may have the same PoPs CDN presence in the same area as Dallas, Amsterdam, or London, but performance and data lines vary due to the data center of each. side is different. In fact, at the same geographic location, providers A, B, and C can have different latency results.

If Provider A rapidly increases bandwidth speeds at its PoPs in Amsterdam, and Provider B outperforms Provider A with PoPs in the Frankfurt area, in which case the business will choose. many parties to ensure website performance is always stable and best.

Ensure high transmission capacity and redundancy

Capacity in the Content Delivery Network and the need for redundancies are essential when building and using CDN services.

When a website implements a large project, or organizes an event that requires them to broadcast live on the website within a certain time frame, a sudden spike in traffic is inevitable. In this case, it is necessary and optimal to use multiple CDN providers. If one CDN provider's network goes down or unexpectedly goes down, traffic is automatically routed through the other provider's network. This means that Multi CDN can guarantee 100% uptime and the quality of the service is constant and stable.

VNETWORK provides integrated VNIS service and Multi CDN management in a single platform, helping your business to overcome almost all issues as discussed above, improve your website performance, ensure transparency and flexibility, as well as help your business come up with backup methods for any eventuality.

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