Bot management

Block malicious sources, allow authorized sources to access

Accurately identify and prevent malicious bots by possessing a diverse and constantly updated threat database.

What is bot management?

Bot management is a system that allows users to manage bots operating on their websites or applications by detecting and removing malicious bots, allowing only valid and good bots to get access. VNIS Bot Management can help users automatically block bad bots which helps optimize website/application performance, ensure data safety, and increase user experience.

Fully automated

Self-modified to block bad bots and allow good bots to access.

Quick deployment

Easy deployment in seconds with no configuration required.

Real-time updating

The database is updated automatically, ensuring accurate bot filtering.

Accurate Bot Management

Allow good bots to work without being affected

GoogleBot, Bingbot, Baidu Spider, etc. are good bots that you don't want to block. VNIS Bot Management can detect and allow good bots to access your website while preveting malicious traffic, which avoids mistaken blocking or authorizing.

Allow good bots to work without being affected

Quick deployment

Block bad bots with just a few clicks

With just a few simple on/off clicks, your website or application can be protected from bad bots. VNIS Bot Management analyzes their behaviors, accumulate our database to learn and manage bots effectively.

Block bad bots with just a few clicks
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