VNIS - Comprehensive security platform for web servers, applications & API

Reliable security solution to prevent layer 3/4/7 DDoS attacks

VNIS - Comprehensive security platform for web servers, applications & API

Potential business issues

  • Web server infrastructure is not sufficent when suffering DDoS attacks, leading to business interruption.
  • Security vulnerabilities on Web/ App/ API are exploited, leading to business data loss.
  • Complex management system leads to difficulities in administering & operation security systems.
  • Lack of collaboration among cyber security experts leads to increasing threats of being attacked.

Prevented by VNIS platform

  • Ensure server infrastructure availability up to 2,600 Tpbs with CDN POPs spanning in 200 countries.
  • Protect business from security vulnerabilities listed in OWASP Top 10, which is constantly updated, with more than 2,000 WAF rules.
  • Manage multiple security functions effortlessly with user-friendly management interface.
  • Local & global expert team collaborate effectively, ensured by service-level agreement (SLA).

Protection model

Protection model

VNIS optimizes security & performance for Web/App/API

Global infrastructure

Global CDN POPs are more than 2.300 units.
Capacity is up to 2,600 Tbps.
Server coverage is across 200 countries.

Leading Technology

Smart Load Balancing ensures 100% web/app uptime.
Origin Shield has constantly updated OWASP standards.
Security Monitoring & Alerting respond proactively and promptly to sophisticated DDoS attacks.

Complete solution

Comprehensive management platform for CDN, WAF, DNS to help optimize management process.
Flexibility in customizing security settings to business needs.
Easy to control with on/off configuration portal.

3S Security

Service-level agreement (SLA) - ensuring stability and trusted uptime.
Security operation center (SOC) - professional security engineers.
Security expertise - responding quickly to complex cybersecurity incidents.

Our customers

Finance & Securities
Entertainment & Gaming
Education & Government



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