Access control

Consolidated and simplified whitelisting and blacklisting

CIDR/IP and geolocation characteristics provide you complete control over traffic access.

What is Access Control?

Traditionally, depending on the security policy, whitelist and blacklist are administered using separate methods. With VNIS Access Control, you can quickly create whitelists and blacklists based on CIDR/IP and geolocation parameters, allowing you to respond to problems faster.

Single interface

Using a single tool and dashboard, you can add, modify, and manage your whitelist and blacklist.

Easy to use

A simple yet sophisticated application with an easy-to-use UI that simplifies ACL management.

Highly integrated

Integrates seamlessly with the Multi CDN functionality and applies global ACL setup.

Simple ACL

With only a few clicks, you can create your own ACL

Access control is a straightforward interface that allows users of all technical levels to quickly and easily construct powerful access control lists using CIDR/IP or geolocation parameters.

With only a few clicks, you can create your own ACL

Single configuration

Single configuration

Following the setting, an ACL will be applied to the CDN you've deployed under your website. If you have many CDNs installed, you may use one ACL to control them all.

Single configuration
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