What is IXP? Discover importance and activity

Tue Jul 05 2022
What is IXP? Discover importance and activity

What is IXP? IXP (Internet Exchange Point) is a concept in the field of Information Technology related to the physical infrastructure, through which Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) facilitate the exchange of Internet access traffic between their networks.

From a technical perspective, IXP can be defined as an Ethernet Switch, similar to connecting computer systems in an office environment.

How does IXP work?

An IXP does not act as an Internet service provider; rather, it facilitates different network operators to connect with each other and exchange traffic. This has many benefits, including shortening the time it takes to traffic from other networks, improving performance, and minimizing latency and response times. IXP has a similar role as a building block, creating the foundation for the growth of the Internet.

IXP is a place where carriers can connect to each other to exchange traffic. Any network that wants to exchange data and traffic with another network can participate in an IXP. Typically, Internet service providers (ISPs) connect to IXPs to provide Internet access to their customers. Content providers also participate in IXP to exchange traffic with ISPs and other service providers.

Importance of IXP

The importance of IXPs lies in the fact that without them, the entire process of exchanging traffic between networks would have to go through intermediate networks, called transit service providers. This can cause latency and affect network performance. To solve this problem, IXP uses the BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) protocol, which allows different networks to disclose and exchange information about their IP addresses. BGP also allows to establish direct connections between networks and efficiently exchange traffic.

In summary, the Internet exchange point (IXP) is of decisive importance in creating opportunities for different networks to exchange information and traffic efficiently, while reducing dependence on other networks. intermediaries and improve network performance.

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