Accelerate your website with 3 easy ways in 2022.

Thu Jul 14 2022
Accelerate your website with 3 easy ways in 2022.

With just one change, businesses can save up to 60% of bandwidth and cut the amount of traffic from their website in half.

Users will not want to return to a website more frequently if it is slow, which might harm the company's reputation. 47 percent of people would expect a website to load swiftly in 2 seconds or less, according to the publication The Drum (a worldwide marketing platform in Europe). Most consumers will lose interest in visiting the page after three seconds or more and they will tend to start exploring alternative websites.

This will make a terrible impact on how companies are perceived as a brand. Mistakes like this will drive away potential customers, resulting in financial loss for the business. VNIS (VNETWORK Internet Security) will recommend three easy techniques to speed up your website in this post.

1. Improve website speed with Multi CDN (Content Delivery Network)

You can reduce website traffic by half and save up to 60% of their bandwidth with only one tweak. Then, you are not taking full advantage of the opportunity to improve the performance of your site if your media files are not hosted on a CDN.

How CDNs operate

A huge CDN network, also known as a Multi CDN network, links to servers all over the world when your data are stored there. The server that is physically nearest to the user when they access the enterprise's website handles their requests.

As a result, the bandwidth will be split between several servers, which will speed up how quickly users can access your website.

Upgrade to Multi CDN

When you want to upgrade your CDN to Multi CDN, VNIS will be an extremely suitable solution for you. VNIS specializes in providing the best security solutions and is integrated with many features to help your websites not only be secure but also ensure a stable level of transmission.

VNIS owns a Multi-CDN network of more than 2,300 PoPs globally and CDN bandwidth up to 2,600 Tbps. With this ability, VNIS can help your websites can handle 6 billion traffic at the same time. In addition, VNIS's Multi-CDN is integrated with real user monitoring system RUM and intelligent load balancing technology AI (AI Loadbalancing). This will help the website can control malicious access and ensure flexibility for the website to work well, providing a great user experience.

2. Optimize HTTP requests

Anytime the user's browser has to download files or images from the web server, requests (HTTP) will be made. Up to 80% of the site's load time will be consumed by these requests.

Additionally, the browser will cap requests at 4 to 8 connections per domain at once. Therefore, companies will have to permit more HTTP requests, which will result in slower page loads because the site will need to work harder to retrieve all the content of the user's requests.

By taking the following actions, you can lower the overall number of HTTP requests:

CSS and JavaScript (JS) files must be combined.

A single huge file loads faster than numerous smaller ones. Combine stylesheets and scripts whenever possible for you.

Upload only what is essential to the website.

For instance, utilizing a conditional statement (query) reduces the quantity of elements that a web page on a mobile device needs to load.

Take fewer pictures.

User experience suffers if your website loads slowly due to visual issues (UX). Your website will load more quickly and remain streamlined if you remove any extraneous photos.

3. Minimize your website code

You should routinely examine their website for cluttered and unnecessary command lines. Your website's performance and speed will considerably increase as a result.

Database query optimization

Writing queries to optimize and enhance database performance will be the main topic of SQL Query. The enterprise runs the danger of using up all the resources in the production database when its queries are inefficient. When searches become inefficient or error-prone, performance may be slowed or even your website may go down.

Use organized coding and pattern-based design

Design patterns are reusable code frameworks that a company can use throughout the whole architecture of its website. This will provide consistency across all of your website's pages, improving user experience overall.

Write programs with a focus on mobile devices.

Nowadays, the majority of websites are accessed through mobile browsers on smartphones. For mobile customers to properly read and interact with your website even on a small screen, firms must write code with a mobile-first attitude. Because Google's search ranking algorithm prefers responsive websites over non-responsive ones, having a mobile-friendly website is particularly crucial.

If you want to try VNIS's Multi CDN service, please contact the hotline (028) 7306 8789 or fill in the registration information below, our experts will assist you immediately.

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