How to protect a website from potential hacker threats

Wed Oct 05 2022
How to protect a website from potential hacker threats

Hackers can use scanning tools and easily find a variety of vulnerabilities of websites to perform attacks with many different purposes.

100% of websites have vulnerabilities

In fact, no website is immune to hackers and is so perfect that there is no vulnerability at all. Therefore, the fact that hackers can use scanning tools and easily find a series of vulnerabilities of websites with poor security and perform attacks and destruction is a daily occurrence on earth. this.

Vulnerabilities on websites are mostly from programmer errors. It is not easy to control and fix all vulnerabilities. Without any defense, your website will easily be "hacked" by hackers.

If your website has problems like:

  • Website is infected with virus, malicious code that you do not know the cause from.
  • Website "crash" and stop working, causing great economic loss for you.
  • Website shows signs of being hacked and does not seem to be yours anymore.

How hackers will manipulate the website?

For e-commerce websites, hackers can gain unauthorized access from vulnerabilities, gain control of the system, change important information such as prices, website policies... and perform fraudulent acts. , steal payment card information when customers enter it on your own website.

In addition, hackers can also develop malicious software, turning a website into a zombie computer or botnet to perform DDoS attacks for them. Being turned into a tool to attack will make Google underestimate and low search ranking of your website, greatly affecting your SEO efforts.

And there are countless other types of destruction that hackers can do once they have taken control of the website.

So what is the solution to protect the website here?

The Web Application Firewall (also known as WAF) was born to answer this question. WAF is a solution to protect web applications from security errors and attacks, install malicious code, take control from exploiting vulnerabilities on websites. In addition, WAF also warns you about application errors that hackers can exploit, steal information, cause DDoS denial of service errors or change the appearance of websites.

You can equip yourself with WAF in 2 forms of hardware and software. However, WAF in the form of software is more preferred by users because it is much more cost-effective than hard WAF (which has a very high cost and requires a good technical team to manage). Most software WAFs today are deployed as a cloud service, providing users with different packages to suit different websites.

A powerful defensive shield for every website

As mentioned above, WAF helps protect your website from attacks on vulnerabilities, as well as warn users of danger signs. In addition, WAF not only helps to check and monitor all user activities on the website, but also checks the plugins of other providers that the website installs.

In particular, WAF protects websites from zero-day vulnerabilities. These are unpublished or unresolved vulnerabilities by webmasters. If this vulnerability is detected, hackers can easily infiltrate the computer system, thereby controlling and causing losses to individuals and businesses.

What users are especially interested in in WAF is the ability to set up detailed and unlimited security rules. More specifically, rules will enforce actions such as allowing or blocking requests to access the website, blocking or only allowing users from any geographical location to access the website, etc. Other rules are set by the webmaster for his own purposes. The rules are designed to protect the web server from malicious activities affecting the website and can be added easily and flexibly.

Your website needs a WAF

Even if you don't think about it, it is possible for your website to become the target of hacker attacks. Your website will become the target of their attack if you are still subjective and defenseless.

Website security solution on VNIS's cloud platform has full functions basic and advanced website security high. VNIS has researched and integrated WAF and other security solutions such as Multi CDN, AI load balancing into one, not only helps customers' website to be fully protected from external attacks, but also helps to increase performance and end-user experience on that website.

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