Top CDN services in Vietnam and Internationally

Sat Oct 08 2022
Top CDN services in Vietnam and Internationally

Along with the digital transformation trend of the times, businesses are increasingly paying attention to CDN services. Because of the countless great benefits that a CDN brings, such as delivering content, improving Website performance, etc. In particular, a CDN will help ensure a good user experience, bringing positive results for both customers and businesses.

1. What is CDN?

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a content delivery network with a global server system, which supports backup copies of static content located within the Web and distributes the content to multiple PoPs (Point of Presence). The CDN server network is distributed all over the world. When users access the Website, the PoP access points will transmit the content to them.

CDN is a transparent network of the Internet, responsible for delivering content to users as quickly as possible. Every day we interact with CDN as we read news articles, shop online, watch YouTube videos, or view social networking sites.

CDN is also designed to support video stream delivery (CDN Video Streaming). Using a CDN to stream video helps reach viewers around the world, minimizing latency and buffering times. At the same time, the CDN ensures that the origin server is not overloaded with requests.

While most CDNs can cache and serve video content along with HTML, images, JavaScript, CSS style sheets, and other web content, video CDNs can be built specifically for video streaming.

For example, Netflix built its own distribution network called Open Connect to deliver its video content more efficiently.

1. What is CDN?

2. Why is CDN widely used?

Do you know what Latency is? It's the delay, it happens from the moment you request to load a web page to the moment the page's content actually appears on the screen.

That delay is affected by a number of specific factors. However, in all cases, the delay time is affected by the physical distance between you and the hosting server hosting that website. This CDN's mission is to shorten that physical distance. The goal is to improve website rendering speed and performance. Therefore, now a lot of individuals and organizations use CDN as a solution to improve the user experience when accessing the Website or any activity that needs to improve the speed of content transmission (images, video, live streaming...).

3. Popular CDN services in the world

CDN AWS - CloudFront

AWS CDN (CloudFront CDN) reviews at

Amazon CloudFront is the world's most popular content delivery network (CDN) that makes it easy to securely deliver Web sites, Videos, apps, and APIs with high speed and low latency. Built for developers, CloudFront makes it easy for businesses to customize their delivery to find the right balance of speed, security, and cost for their needs. In general, the AWS CDN provides a good service. Although the basic CDN configuration can be very easy to deploy for most administrators, the more advanced CDN configuration is quite difficult to manage, requires quite a lot of time, and the features are not too strong.

Advantages of AWS CDN:

  • Fast service team
  • Easy setup for basic plans
  • Fast-loading CDN speed
  • Easy to change in CDN server location selection
  • Allows installation of extensive servers and resources with highly configurable packages
  • Streamlined management
  • Fast and reliable
  • Distributed CDN network in many regions around the globe

Cons of AWS CDN:

  • Built primarily for IT/server admins
  • The cost of using CloudFront's CDN is not the best option
  • Cost and payment is not clear
  • CDN customization and configuration interface needs to be designed to be more admin-friendly
  • Need more guidance on how to use features

The above pros and cons are objectively summed up by us through quality assessments at Gartner and TrustRad. Thereby, we can see that users are quite satisfied with the outstanding advantages of AWS CDN.

However, besides that, AWS CDN still has some disadvantages that have not met the needs of users. In it, most of the reviews are not satisfied with the price and the management interface can cause some difficulties. Therefore, before you choose an AWS CDN, consider and consider a few other options.

CDN Akamai

Akamai CDN reviews at

Akamai is a provider of CDN (Content Delivery Network) and Security services suitable for large enterprises. Akamai was established in 1998 at MIT Technology Park - USA, currently transmitting 30% of worldwide data traffic with network systems in most regions of the world.

Advantages of CDN Akamai

  • Powerful CDN technology that can handle the needs of transmitting a variety of content (images, videos, live streaming...)
  • Good customer support service
  • Akamai is strong in content delivery with its method of mirroring the CSS and HTML elements of a Web page
  • Akamai's CDN platform provides a network of cloud-connected servers in over 100 countries

Disadvantage of CDN Akamai

  • More expensive than other CDN providers in the region
  • Quite complex CDN management interface
  • No intuitive user interface for configuration and setup instructions
  • Quite expensive for users small businesses and organizations
  • Takes a long time to activate CDN (due to testing with many situations)

The above advantages and disadvantages of Akamai CDN are synthesized by us through quality assessments at Gartner and TrustRadius. Similar to AWS CDN, Akamai CDN also has distinct advantages. However, the downside is still the high cost and the not-so-intuitive management interface.

CDN Cloudflare

Cloudflare CDN reviews at

Cloudflare offers CDN more functionality than other CDN services. Cloudflare's CDN helps fight DDoS attacks and stores static content on your website, making it faster to load and effectively reducing the load on your web server.

Advantages of Cloudflare CDN

  • Cloudflare's free early-stage CDN and SSL are great for new sites
  • Cloudflare's cost structure is suitable for many applications
  • Gets your Website up to speed The access speed is quite effective
  • Static data such as images, CSS, files are also gzip compressed by Cloudflare, so the download speed is faster

Disadvantage of Cloudflare CDN

  • The way it works is not very friendly User- friendly
  • The user interface is quite complex
  • Instructions for using the functions are still confusing
  • If your Website is located on hosting with a server located in Vietnam, customers visit mainly from Vietnam, the use of Cloudflare slows down the page load speed because of the quality of international and Vietnamese transmission lines. The reason is that this time the query will go around from Vietnam to CloudFlare's DNS Server and then return the results to Vietnam
  • Website uptime depends on Cloudflare Server uptime. That is if ,, will be interrupted because the domain name Website is using cannot be resolved.

The advantages and disadvantages of CDN Cloudflare are compiled by us through quality assessments at Gartner and TrustRadius. Cloudflare would be a good fit if you need an affordable CDN solution for a new website. But it may not be appropriate when your website is targeted by a targeted attack. At this time, to protect the safety of the website, businesses may have to pay a large cost.

In addition, there are other popular CDN service providers on the market such as Fastly CDN, Bunny CDN, Max CDN, Azure CDN, etc.

4. Most popular CDN service in Vietnam

4. Most popular CDN service in Vietnam

VNCDN (Vietnam CDN) is one of the leading CDN providers in Asia. Up to the present time, VNCDN's CDN Server infrastructure is currently leading the country. The server system is located at international Tier III data centers such as VNPT, FPT, VIETTEL Hanoi, CMC, and Mobifone... Currently, VNCDN has also developed a global CDN network with more than 280 PoPs CDN. Capable of responding to more than 6 billion requests/day, 3 million concurrent users (concurrent users/CCU). Total data transmission is 180 PB and total domestic bandwidth is more than 3Tbps.

VNCDN ensures the speed of content transmission (images, videos, live streaming...) is always stable and fast. In particular, VNCDN's hit rate is more than 99%. In addition, the VNCDN service specifically supports the HTTP/3 protocol, compatible with high-speed web browsers. In addition, VNCDN also supports Web, Video, Live Streaming HTTP-FLV latency is only 1~3 seconds, HLS Low Latency with a delay of only 1~2 seconds.

Why choose VNCDN?

If CDN service providers in the world such as CDN Akamai, and CDN AWS ​​have limitations in cost and management interface, then VNCDN can be a comprehensive solution to ensure service quality while still Optimizing costs, and setting up a simple and effective user interface.

VNCDN is one of the only platforms in Vietnam with full CDN services, Cloud Storage, Transcoding, Live Streaming Low Latency,... help you maximize revenue and minimize costs. You can refer to VNCDN's outstanding features and services here.

5. VNIS manages top CDNs in only one platform

5. VNIS manages top CDNs in only one platform

Do you want to use the world's leading CDN at the same time to ensure the best Website performance? But managing many different CDNs makes it difficult to monitor and measure their performance of these CDNs. As each CDN service provider has its pros and cons. Understanding that, VNETWORK has developed the VNIS platform to manage all CDNs in a platform and protect the website from targeted attacks such as DDoS attacks, and security vulnerability attacks. The website with network Cloud WAF in many countries and regions.

VNIS Platform integrates and manages multi CDN such as VNCDN, Cloudflare, Akamai, Fastly, Tencent Cloud, Alibaba Cloud,... The system helps you to automatically deploy, manage and monitor the CDN system easily and efficiently.

Why use VNIS?

  • Easy to deploy: Activate any more CDN you want with just a few clicks without having to negotiate or sign any contract with each provider CDNs in the world.
  • Easy to manage: Monitor the performance of all CDNs and make quick adjustments. Activation, analysis, and management on the same platform are as easy as using just one CDN system.

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