Multi CDN - Upgraded technology to speeding and securing website for business

Fri Jan 06 2023
Multi CDN - Upgraded technology to speeding and securing website for business

The strong development of digital technology trends promotes business on the online platform, and the website becomes an indispensable popular tool for businesses. As of 2021, with more than 1.8 billion active websites on the Internet, the need for website acceleration and security is more important than ever. In the above urgent context, Multi CDN is becoming a strategy of top concern for businesses. So what is Multi CDN? Why say Multi CDN is a technological step forward for business websites? Let's find out more through the article below.

Table of contents:

  1. CDN - The solution associated with businesses in website acceleration & security
  2. CDN technology is effective but needs to be upgraded for comprehensive website protection
  3. Multi CDN - Smart website protection strategy for online businesses
  4. Common Multi CDN deployment methods for enterprises
  5. Important factors to consider when implementing Multi CDN
  6. Top leading Multi CDN service providers
  7. Conclusion

1. CDN - The solution associated with businesses in website acceleration & security

Some statistics about website loading time

With the urgent trend of speeding up and securing the above website, CDN has become a solution associated with businesses with an online business today. CDN (Content Delivery Network), also known as content delivery network, is a network of edge servers that keep copies of static content and deliver it to PoP (Point of Presence) servers.

CDN with the specialized feature of delivering content faster by reducing the physical distance between the data source and the end user, improving performance, and speeding up the website. Thereby helping businesses reduce the risk of downtime, and increase customer experience. The larger the CDN, the more traffic it can handle. Because of these outstanding benefits, CDN technology has been applied by businesses to do online activities for their organizations. Some of the leading CDN service providers today users can refer to such VNCDN, Akamai, and Cloudflare ...

2. CDN technology is effective but needs to be upgraded for comprehensive website protection

In recent years, there have been many outages of cloud computing service providers, causing serious damage on a global scale. Notably, the problem of the world's two leading content delivery network (CDN) providers, Cloudflare and Akamai:

(1) On July 22, 2021, Akamai experienced a large-scale power outage, resulting in thousands of websites, large and small using Akamai's services, shutting down such as Playstation Network, FedEx,...

(2) Most recently, on June 21, 2022, Cloudflare confirmed an outage, causing half of the world's websites to crash, affecting 19 global data points.

According to a report from the Information Security Administration, every hour of online activity has a problem, businesses can suffer serious damage from 300,000 to 1 million USD. Therefore, in the past 3-4 years, the combination of many CDN - Multi CDN providers is gradually becoming popular and becoming the next trend to comprehensively solve the limitations of a single CDN. Let's dig deeper into the Multi CDN solution in the following sections.

3. Multi CDN - Smart website protection strategy for online businesses

Smart Content Delivery Strategy Multi CDN

###3.1 What is Multi CDN?

Multi CDN (Multi Content Delivery Network) is a transmission strategy that integrates many different CDN providers to create a worldwide content distribution network. Multi CDN helps ensure the transmission capacity and enhances the security of the online system of the enterprise, through the combination of many different CDNs, it will provide a larger amount of PoPs, avoid downtime and keep the website up and running. action if any CDN fails.

Therefore, Multi CDN is now considered a comprehensive redundant content delivery network solution for websites, helping to optimize content transmission speed, and expand global coverage for business websites. Multi CDN technology automatically optimizes efficiency and merges suppliers with network infrastructure and cloud systems globally, helping to quickly increase bandwidth speed while ensuring security. safety and reliability. The benefits of Linking a CDN far outweigh the need to depend solely on a single CDN provider. So what are those benefits?

3.2 Outstanding advantages of Multi CDN

Features of some CDN providers in the world

In the market, there is almost no CDN service provider that can fully and best meet the diverse needs of all websites, so linking different CDN providers will help compensate. vulnerabilities and limitations of each CDN, providing comprehensive protection for your online business website with the following outstanding benefits:

3.3 Multi CDN vs CDN

Multi CDN vs CDN

Learn more about the difference between Multi CDN and CDN at: Multi CDN and CDN

4. Popular Multi CDN deployment methods for enterprises

How to deploy Multi CDN?

Method 1: DNS Load Balancing (Domain Name System)

After registering the required CDNs, they can copy the CNAMEs of all CDNs and paste them into the DNS records so that the DNS server can determine which CDN is used for the access request based on the routing rules stored. quantity. Some of the most common traffic routing rules include: Round robin, Weighted round-robin, and Geolocation.

Specific operations in the method:

  • When a user accesses website, DNS lookup will be enabled.
  • The DNS provider determines which CNAME to use based on traffic routing rules.
  • The request will then be redirected to the specified CDN.
  • User will access via specified CDN.

Method 2: RUM (Real User Monitoring) - Load balancing by synthetic monitoring mechanism

This method is similar to DNS Load Balancing method, however it makes smarter load balancing decisions based on actual performance data from RUM and aggregated monitoring.

Specific operations in the method:

  • When user visits, DNS lookup will be enabled
  • The system will measure user geolocation, network latency and CDN performance.
  • Then will find the best CDN and direct the request to that CDN for the user.
  • User will access via specified CDN.

Method 3: Centralized Multi CDN Platform

This is the same method as method 2, but the CDN registration process is shortened. This method allows businesses to select, register and manage any CDN on the same platform instead of having to register each CDN individually through different service providers.

Specific operations in the method:

  • When user visits, DNS lookup is enabled
  • Requests are redirected to the Multi CDN platform provider through their system-specified CNAME
  • The system measures user geolocation, network latency and CDN performance.
  • Then will find the best CDN and route the access request to the specified CDN.
  • User will access via specified CDN.

5. Important factors to consider when implementing Multi CDN

What factore should pay attention to deloy Multi CDN?

Choosing a method to deploy and manage Multi CDN can seem quite complicated, but if you understand the nature and working mechanism of CDN providers, implementing Multi CDN will become easier and more effective. for Business.

Here are 5 factors affecting the Multi CDN strategy that businesses need to consider:

(1) Geo-location performance: An important factor to consider when choosing a CDN is the user's location. Choose a CDN that performs well in an area where the majority of your business' customers are located.

(2) Real User Monitoring (RUM): RUM helps analyze network status and determine which CDN has the best performance. With RUM, businesses can choose the best CDN and eliminate the worse-performing CDNs.

(3) Trends and History of CDN Data: A good synthesis of trends and historical data about a CDN will provide complete information about the performance of that CDN, helping businesses to identify and Determine which CDNs are eligible to integrate into your organization's CDN strategy.

(4) Cost: Enterprises should consider the factors of transmission volume, users accessing peak hours, geographical performance ... of each CDN provider to optimize costs. fees such as overspending, and bandwidth costs.

(5) Coverage: The key to choosing a CDN is the number of PoPs (Point Of Presence). The more PoPs a CDN has, the wider the coverage and better performance of the business website.

6. Top Multi CDN service providers today

In the current security technology market, it is not difficult to find top CDN providers such as VNCDN, Akamai, and Cloudflare,... However, when it comes to Multi CDN technology, businesses often face many difficulties. in finding and choosing the right Multi CDN service provider because this is a fairly new solution.

The following article will introduce the two most prominent Multi CDN service providers on the market, Mlytics and VNETWORK.


Mlytics Multi CDN Management Platform

Mlytics is the leading Multi CDN provider in the world by integrating multiple CDN providers on the same platform. Mlytics provides an out-of-the-box, automated solution for deploying, monitoring, and managing multiple CDNs simultaneously, helping businesses increase the performance and reliability of their websites.

Multi CDN Mlytics system with outstanding features such as:

(1) Easily deploy, choose and compare trusted CDN providers.

(2) Flexible customization, can put the CDN that the business has previously registered into the Mlytics platform.

(3) Gain access to tools on the platform to analyze CDN performance and health.

(4) Perform latency and availability data collection from leading CDN providers worldwide.


Integrate and manage Multi CDN on VNIS platform

VNETWORK is a pioneer in developing and providing Multi CDN services on the VNIS (VNETWORK Internet Security) security platform in Vietnam and leading in the world. VNETWORK's Multi CDN system is capable of integrating and managing large CDNs such as Cloudflare, Akamai, and Amazon ... on the same platform.

At the forefront of the security trend, VNETWORK's Multi CDN system brings businesses the following outstanding benefits:

(1) Linking 2,300 PoPs CDN globally, bringing the total bandwidth up to 2,600 Tbps, helping to improve performance and ensure 100% website uptime.

(2) Easily deploy, activate and manage CDNs on a single platform - VNIS.

(3) Allows monitoring and analysis of CDN performance, helping to detect in time if any CDN has problems.

(4) Includes China Access feature, which allows access to and distribution of content in the Chinese market.

(5) Can be integrated with other prominent technologies on VNIS platform such as CDN Power Ups, RUM, and Smart Load Balancing… to help speed up and protect the most comprehensive website.

(6) The large Multi CDN network helps filter malicious requests and traffic, reduces the risk of DDoS attacks, and increases the security of your business website.

7. Conclusion

In the context of the strong development of digital technology, followed by the tremendous growth in the number of online business fields, the website has become a more popular tool than ever. And with the above advantages and advantages, it is not difficult to realize that Multi CDN will become the trend of choice for businesses for their website acceleration and security strategy in the future.

Multi CDN solution in VNETWORK's VNIS platform will completely overcome the limitations of a single CDN, providing comprehensive protection for your website. Register for a trial and experience Multi CDN along with other outstanding technologies of VNETWORK at Hotline: (028) 7306 8789, or leave information contact in the form below, experts Our team will help you right away.

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